Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple—we want our interns to have an enjoyable, high quality educational experience. We strive to make this as stress-free as possible. We work with our interns individually to accommodate their needs. Gulf Coast Dietetic Internship requires a major project for each rotation type with no additional outside work so that our interns can maximize the experience in their chosen sites. We endeavor to make this a welcoming and friendly journey!

25 Weeks

24 weeks of rotations and 1 week orientation. After starting your rotations you will be done in 24 weeks. Our interns work 45-50 hours each week, no holidays. You will hit the ground running and complete your rotations on par with the fastest internships in the country. You will need a solid academic background, full-time work experience and a positive attitude to be successful here.

Customized Experience

You will design your complete internship experience, starting with selecting the sites where you want to gain experience, contacting the preceptors and obtaining preceptor agreements. Your options are wide open and limited only by your ability to obtain preceptor agreements - where you get the experience is based on your preferences.


Tuition is $8500 for both in-state and out-of-state students. Some scholarships are available through the The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and various other state and local associations - check with your Didactic director for more information.


Entrepreneurship is a focus area for the GCDI, one of the goals of the program is to prepare entry-level dietitians in an entrepreneurial setting for emerging roles in dietetics practice. GCDI interns will have elective rotations at sites that put an emphasis on learning entrepreneurial skills in the field of dietetics. We will work with interns to help them complete the elective rotation in their area of choice.

Lower overall cost

A distance internship usually has lower overall costs than an on site internship - you will not have to move to another city for your internship and you will save on the costs of moving and setting up a temporary home in a new city for the duration of the internship.

Still interested? Go through our website and learn more about our application process and requirements. Questions? Email our director at info@gulfcoastdieteticinternship.com We look forward to hearing from you!