GCDI Schedule

The fall match applicants will begin the program in January .  The pre-rotation/orientation will be online.  The orientation date and time will be communicated to interns.  Prior to orientation, interns must complete a series of online modules covering topics on assessment, MNT, HIPPA, pediatrics and coding and billing. Additional assignments including pathophysiology case studies, evidence analysis library are assigned prior to orientation and interns will collaborate online with other distance interns to complete assignments and presentations.  Interns may schedule their rotation experiences to begin once orientation is completed.  It is recommended that the first rotation not be a clinical site as those affiliation agreements can take longer to be completed.  Please discuss your rotation schedule with your internship coordinator to insure that all affiliations are in order before rotations begin.

Once rotations begin, interns must upload a weekly summary report to an online portal.  Each summary will detail activities, hours and competencies met each week.  At the conclusion of  each rotation, interns must submit their hours, competencies to an online portal and get it evaluated by their preceptors. Interns will also complete a preceptor/site evaluation form online.  Interns are required to inform their coordinator of a change in rotation/preceptors at least one week in advance of the change.  At the completion of the clinical, food service management, community and elective rotations, interns must upload their major project specific to the completed rotation.  We request that the preceptor for the project rotation review and comment on the content and appropriateness of the project.  Intern coordinators will review and approve or send back for additional work as deemed necessary.

Interns are required to complete an exit exam as part of the program requirements.  Interns have two opportunities to score 80% or greater on the exit exam.  Failure to meet this score will result in loss of eligibility for a DI verification statement. 

The program is 24 weeks in length and 1 week of orientation.  No holidays are in the schedule.  In the event that your site is closed for a holiday, it is expected that the time will be made up.  Interns are required to average 45-50 hours per week to complete the 1000 hours in the 24 week time frame.