Program completion requirements

It is the policy of the Gulf Coast Dietetic Internship to issue verification statements to all interns who have successfully completed a minimum of 1000 documented hours of supervised practice, completed all required assignments, received a “3” or better on all rotations, completed the mock registration exam with a score of 80% or better, and uploaded/completed all required rotation documents on the GCDI online portal. Copies of verification statements will be mailed to the intern’s permanent address approximately 3 weeks after program completion when all files have been verified. Original signed copies of the verification statements remain on file at the GCDI indefinitely.


Interns are evaluated throughout the program by both preceptors and the program director/coordinator. 

The program director/coordinators provide feedback prior to the start of the program through the on-line training modules.  Interns are evaluated throughout the pre-rotation experience in  Mississippi.  Program director/coordinators are also responsible for providing feedback regarding the projects assigned by the program for each rotation.

Preceptors will provide pre-planned evaluations at prescribed points within the rotations; Interns are required to successfully complete the site competencies. Interns are evaluated on their abilities to complete the competencies at a level of reasonable independence and on their ability to perform in a professional and ethical manner.  The goal of the internship is to train practitioners able to perform at an entry-level. 

Scheduling and Program Calendar

Regular attendance and punctuality at each site are mandatory. Being tardy during a rotation may result in failing the rotation. All failed rotations must be repeated in order to receive credit for supervised practice hours. Reassignment for failed rotations is at the discretion of the Internship Director and sponsoring preceptor. To pass a rotation, you must have received an evaluation of “3” or higher on that rotation’s competencies and a satisfactory evaluation by the preceptor. Interns may fail a rotation due to unethical or unprofessional behavior regardless of successful completion of required competencies. Failure of two (2.0) rotations during the 24 week program constitutes grounds for dismissal from the program. Life crises such a death, bereavement, illness, accidents, and other emergencies may result in the intern having to take an approved leave of absence from the program. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT INTERNS CALL THEIR SITES AND THE COORDINATOR WHEN THEY WILL BE LATE OR ABSENT FOR ANY REASON.

Personal leave for other than medical, bereavement, or emergency reasons is NOT ALLOWED. If you know you are going to need time off for any reason, please let the Internship Director know as soon as possible.

There is no vacation allowance during the Gulf Coast Dietetic Internship. Interns will be required to make up hours missed due to absences. Interns will observe holiday schedules of the practice sites. Schedule changes for religious reasons can be made if discussed in advance with the Internship Director. IT IS THE INTERN’S RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY THE DIRECTOR OF ANY TIME AWAY FROM FACILITIES. FAILURE TO NOTIFY THE DIRECTOR IN A TIMELY FASHION MAY RESULT IN TERMINATION.

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