ACEND accreditation allows programs to award “prior learning” credit to count toward the completion of supervised practice hours. Programs are required to have a policy regarding how the credit will be approved. GCDI has the following policy in place:

It is the policy of the GCDI to grant credit for prior learning to interns who can provide documentation of significant compensated work experiences that comprise the same types of learning experiences as required by the ACEND competency statements in particular emphasis areas.  

Prior learning credits are granted when there is a minimum of 6 months FTE paid work experience. Four weeks of clinical work experience will be considered for applicants who hold the DTR credential and have worked in a clinical setting. In addition, only hours that meet or exceed the number of required hours for a particular rotation will be considered. No partial credit will be allowed and not more than two rotations will be waived. There is no fee reduction.

The request for prior learning credit consideration and all associated paperwork must be submitted at least two weeks prior to program start date. The supervisor for clinical rotations must be a Registered Dietitian. Supervisor's will need complete a prior learning supervisor form listing dates of employment, responsibilities, and activities performed.

Final determination of assessment of prior learning is at the discretion of the internship director.

Applicants wishing to apply for prior learning must submit the rotation evaluation form with examples of how each competency was met in the paid work experiences. In addition, the supervisor from the work experience must submit the supervisor template verifying the applicant’s employment, duration of employment and job responsibilities. Once the evaluation form and supervisor template are complete, applicants may email this information to and request a review. GCDI will respond via email as to the status of the application for prior learning.

Applicants whose prior learning credit is approved will not need to submit a rotation schedule or other paperwork for the approved credit with their application to the internship. Approved rotations should be noted on the rotation schedule submitted in the application.

Prior Learning

Ask your supervisor to complete the Prior Learning Supervisor Form. Email the form to (If you are a current GCDI intern email the form to your coordinator)

After you have been granted admission to the Gulf Coast Dietetic Internship you will have your supervisor sign off on your competencies and your hours through an online dashboard.