The Gulf Coast Dietetic Internship is a diverse program and we are proud to have interns coming from all backgrounds. International students are encouraged to apply to our program; however, we do advise students to make the necessary inquiries about obtaining visas for the period of the internship before applying to the program.

GCDI cannot provide visas to interns. The internship program takes no responsibility for the interns towards maintaining legal status in the US. It is the responsibility of the intern to obtain the necessary visa to enter the US. We will provide all the supporting paperwork as necessary.

Please check the State department website to learn more about the various categories of visas available.

International students who have current F1 status can enter the internship program using OPT (optional practical training visa) during the period of the internship. OPT visa takes about 3 months to obtain and students planning to use this option are encouraged to start their paperwork as early as they can. Students with an F visa should apply for practical training (CPT or OPT) from their respective graduating institutions. Meet with the International Student Office in your university as early as you can before you graduate to start the process.

If you have any questions please contact the program director regarding your options.